FKT: Bob Stewart - Lost Turkey Trail (PA) - 2020-11-01

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8h 42m 41s
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My Lost Turkey FKT was completed in conjunction with my John P. Saylor FKT attempt the previous day.  After completing the John P. Saylor FKT I camped overnight at the swinging bridge.  I woke up at 6am the following morning to hike back 4 miles on the John P. Saylor trail to the Lost Turkey trailhead at the Babcock Picnic area.  I would begin the Lost Turkey trail at the South East trailhead, hiking North East to Blue Knob.  The first half of the trail is relatively flat and followed a high plateau.  At mile 13 the trail descends about 1000' and gains and loses 500' twice and then a final ascent of 1000' over the last three miles.  Water could be found on the first half of the trail every 5 miles or so..  Water was plentiful on the 2nd half of the trail with many creek crossings.  I arrived at the top of Blue Knob (2nd highest elevation in Pennsylvania, highest elevation of any trail in Pennsylvania) right as the sun was setting and snow flurries began.  The weather throughout the day was quite challenging with rain showers off and on and extremely strong wind gusts.  Unfortunately due to a chronic knee injury I'm unable to run long distances so I walked the entire length of the trail.   I'm certain this FKT could be easily cut in half by someone who runs the trail.  I wanted to post this route to draw attention as it's a great option for anyone looking for a remote, secluded experience.  I didn't see another person the entire time on the trail.