FKT: Brad Leatherbarrow, Ritvik Mishra, Bret Jorgensen - Mt Rainier Northern Loop Trail (WA) - 2021-08-29

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 58m 53s

Bret Jorgensen, Ritvik Mishra, and myself (Brad Leatherbarrow) set off from the parking lot at 5:02 AM on August 29, 2021 and the stoke was high.  The three of us were trying to decide on a 30ish mile route for a training run and when we stumbled across the route, decided to give it a go! We headed counterclockwise and ran the route unsupported, with plenty of streams for water sources along the way.  We saw some meadows, glaciers, a black bear, several elk, and so many amazing views of Rainier! It got a bit hot over the last 8ish miles and eventually arrived back at the parking lot right at noon in a total elapsed time of 6:58:53.  Glad to have the opportunity to share the miles with friends, a lot of room for improvement on the route still but excited to shave off some time!