FKT: Brad Liston - Hargus Lake Loop (OH) - 2020-05-07

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23m 4s
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This route is a short trail run that is mostly single track trails. The course starts off from the main parking lot crossing a dam that is roughly .25 miles. From there you take a left into the woods with a lot of rough footing with roots everywhere as well as some large rocks that are used as stepping stones. After the first mile the trail starts to wind up and down some small to medium steep hills. The footing through the second mile is rough with roots and can be made more difficult if there has been rain in the past couple of days, as this section holds water and turns to mud. In this mile there are also some short steep hills that used to have wooden stairs but have been removed. This makes the difficulty a little bit greater depending on weather conditions. At the end of mile two, you get a short break running through a flat campground and then have a nice downhill that is covered in roots. From there, you'll have a couple of creek crossings (10 feet wide and ~3 feet deep) that have some cinder blocks as stepping stones. The third mile is very technical with some sharp turns and very short steep uphills and downhills. Once you're finally out of the woods with roughly a half mile left, you'll follow a dirt path through grassy portions of the park to the finish beside the parking lot where you started. This is the fastest section of the loop. Overall, this loop is a short sprint compared to some of the other FKT's, but it can be a challenging one if you haven't grown up in the Hargus Lake area.

Growing up in this area, I've run this loop more times than I can count. It is a short loop that when ran all out, can provide a good challenge to just about anything trail related: foot placement, pacing up hills(Short/Steep), creek crossings, switchbacks as well as some short downhill running. I didn't know until recently that this loop had been added to the list of FKT's. It's a short loop to be on here but its a fun loop and makes for a short run! May have to try for some others in the Ohio area now!