FKT: Bradley Shoemaker - Sugarland Run Stream Valley Trail - 2024-01-07

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1h 18m 23s
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Sugarland Run is a great local trail with the southern portion the most busy but the northern ~mile minimally traveled. On January 7th, 2024 I ran, beginning at the northern end--beginning just after noon. Parking here can be near the stoplight or down the gravel/dirt road if you want to get off the main road. Route officially begins at the pavement in the parking lot on the north end, turnaround is at the junction with WO&D Trail. Prior to my run, there was a significant rain event on Jan 6th with just over 1.0" of rain in a day. The stream crossings are numerous and with this much rain, 2 of the stream crossings had water over the installed "Lilly-pads" that generally keep people out of the water when crossing. Other than that, weather was perfect for  FKT attempt, temp ~45*(f) with sun. I was lucky at the Elden Rd crossing, minimal wait time for the only crosswalk on the route in both directions, adding to the fast time. Trail was wet with numerous draining or standing waters near Sugarland Run (creek) but nothing that would significantly slow down time past getting feet wet 4x in each of the stream crossings that were flowing high enough to get moderately wet feet. Gear used was minimal, trail running pack with electrolyte mix, snacks (gu/PB crackers). No support required due to relatively short distance.