FKT: Brandon Dutra - Good Water Loop, Lake Georgetown (TX) - 2023-05-01

Route variation
Double loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
11h 46m 18s

There is a race of this double loop, but that is obviously supported, and to my knowledge nobody has done a true unsupported double loop of this trail. I only used what was in my pack from the start and utilized the 3 known water spigots for refills. I started out around 7:00am CST going clockwise from the Tejas campsite portion of the trail. Because this start point doesn't line up with the mile markers, my water spigot designations will be different from other single loop runners. I had a pack with snacks for the durations and 2x16oz water bottles with a 50oz bladder in the back, I only used the water bottles for the first loop. The first water spigot for me was around mile 11 at the Jim Hogg park entrance/exit security booth station, filled 1 empty water bottle and kept going. The bathrooms with a water faucet around mile 13 was not functioning, but I didn't need this. The next water spigot was at mile 16 Cedar Breaks park entrance/exit security booth station, again just filled 1 empty water bottle. The next water spigot was at mile 27 or the first completion of loop 1 where I started at Tejas campsite, where I filled both water bottles and my bladder up with 30oz. I finished the first loop in around 4h56m and had no set backs at all, weather was great starting at 55 degrees and finishing the first loop around 75 degrees. Second loop was considerably slower at 6h50m, but the temps got into the mid 80's making the sun exposure uncomfortable, plus a flying grasshopper hit me directly in the eyeball which stung! I also almost stepped on and got freaked out by a 4' rattlesnake around mile 48. I continued to stub my toes but never tripped on the second loop as my legs were quite heavy and these rocks/limestone and roots are unforgiving on this trail! I continued to fill up my water bottles at the 2 spigots and did not actually use the bladder until the last stretch of miles 43-54. I did start soaking my head, arms and legs, and hat at each spigot and every mini water crossing (4 total) to stay cool during the last loop. Overall great run on a great trail!