FKT: Brandon Latimer - Minnewaska Grand Tour - 2022-11-12

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6h 28m 28s
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On November 12th, 2022 I ran what Im calling the Minnewaska Grand Tour. This is one of my favorite places to run in New York. I started and finished at the main north-eastern entrance near the parking area near the restrooms. I went clockwise from here towards Awosting Falls. I took a wrong turn on the east side of Lake Minnewaska. I had to circle back to where I made the turn and took the trail that should be run. Pay attention here as it is a bit confusing. (Lots of different trails and roads intersect.) 

The Conditions were very wet which made for some spectacular waterfalls and water action. We had just received some major rain and quite a few trails were creeks, especially heading out to Sam’s Point. Verkeerderkill Falls was roaring which made the crossing challenging. All of this made filtering easy of course. This was one of the last warmer days and conditions were pleasant otherwise. Lots of hikers, Bikes, and a few other runners enjoying the beautiful day.