FKT: Brandyn Lewis - Northern Rail Trail (NH) - 2020-05-02

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
11h 19m 52s
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I have been running on this route in segments for training for many years. It is always a nice spring time flat and fast trail with no traffic.
My plan was always to run the entire length of the trail some day. Well that day came when my race scheduled for May 2nd (White Lake Ultras) was cancelled.

This route is very flat, fast and beautiful. Winding along beside rivers, ponds, steams and other wonderful sites. The surface couldn't be better as it is almost entirely crushed stone with the exception of the few road crossings.

My hope with submitting the FKT was to inspire other people to set out and run the entire length of the trail. An actual fast runner would be able to crush my time by 4-5 hours easily.