FKT: Brannon Forrester, Kiana Ramli - Mount Russell (CA) - 2022-10-03

Route variation
East Ridge up & down
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 38m 11s
GPS track(s)

Had another gorgeous day out with Kiana Ramli!
Again perfect conditions, and after my several wrong turns on Sunday, we managed this effort with zero wrong turns, which made for a much more pleasant outing!
The scree slope still sucked but the summit Ridgeline was just as awesome, and even better to have someone to share it with!

Kiana absolutely crushed it and we took almost 2 hours off the previous mixed team time. 

Scouting out the approach would be highly recommended if going solo (we were able to combine our 2 navigation systems for the win; also, from my effort Sunday, I knew where NOT to go!).

From Kiana's Strava:

This route kicked my ass but it felt so good! My lungs did surprisingly well with the altitude from my acclimatization run the day before so so thankful for that. Always so much fun getting out there with Brannon on another epic route!
So many more things to say about this day but I’ll save it for the insta...