FKT: Brannon Forrester - Star Peak (NV) - 2020-09-17

Route variation
up & down
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 13m 23s

Solo run mid-road run up Star Peak.

SO glad to have the GPS track, mostly to find the trailhead (thanks Aaron!) and that it was relatively cool.  80 degrees at the TH, and a high smoke haze made it very bearable; mid-summer would have been a bit of a death march, as the route is completely exposed.  Higher up the temps dropped and the wind picked up; perfect conditions for the last 1,000 feet of climbing!

There was one giant switchback that could have been cut out, but otherwise the road is the most obvious and fastest choice.  Routefinding was very straightforward.

Fall and spring are great times for this route!  Get ready for a quad-pounding descent at any time of year!