FKT: Brannon Forrester - Stevens Trail (CA) - 2020-11-09

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
56m 7s

A beautiful trail!  The first half is a little grungy, with some short technical sections but probably 90% of the trail is super runnable.  The second half in the American River canyon is gorgeous.

I used the gpx track from the Strava segment for this route.  I think whoever posted it on the FKT website drew it on a map, because that route follows the biking trail, whereas the Strava segment follows the hiking trail (which goes through the most technical section).  The difference in distance is negligible.

I think I was overreaching a bit, as I was on the tail end of my race fitness for the season.  Tapering too many times just gets you out of shape I think!

Otherwise it was a super fun trail to bomb down, and very runnable on the way up.

Whoever posted this also put up some dire warnings of running it in the heat, so I figured a cold snap in November was a good choice.  It was 38 degrees at the trailhead when I arrived, but for my race effort at 10am, i was running in a t-shirt, mostly in the sun, in 40 degree air temps.  Perfect conditions!