FKT: - Brasov - Twin Peaks - 2024-02-11

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6h 32m 52s
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While the church bells rang to call people to the service, I decided to join the two highest peaks of Brasov in a run: Postavaru Peak (1799m) and Piatra Mare Peak (1844m).

This is a classic route, called Twin Peaks (I know, good name) starting from the Historical Center of Brasov, more precisely from the Council Square. The whole loop has approximately 50 kilometers and 2800 positive elevation. The difficulty is 8.5 out of 10, both in terms of distance and the technicality of the route, especially the descent on Spinarea Calului requires maximum attention.

The biggest challenge these days was the snow around the peaks which slowed me down. Especially the snow on the northern face of Postavaru, which reached up to my waist, and the snow a little above the Tamina spring was soft and fluffy. But I decided to finish the tour, regardless of the conditions.

Ah, I panicked a little more when I saw bear paws near Timisul de Sus train station, on a  fire road covered in snow.

I ran alone the whole distance, starting with 1.5 liters of water with me, in flasks, which lasted me until half the distance. I (re)filled my flasks at the Tamina spring, before climbing the second peak, Piatra Mare.

In total, I consumed 3 liters of water and approximately 480 g of CHO.

On the last 6 kilometers, near the end, I would have liked 2-3 more gels to be able to maintain an ok pace. Good to know for the next round.