FKT: Brenda Fortin - Mount Tom - 2022-10-02

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2h 57m 27s

The Mount Tom FKT route is an unforgiving, rugged adventure that requires all of your focus to avoid twisting ankles, tripping over rocks and roots, and falling off cliffs. Part of the NET, the views from the cliffs of Mt Tom are pretty amazing, especially considering it isn't the tallest mountain in the area. The worst part of this route is running the flat-ish loop around the reservoir because it's boring in comparison (though it is beautiful) and I know what's coming up. The weather couldn't have been better and the trails aren't covered in autumn's leaves just yet, but peak foliage season is upon us! I wasn't able to race this weekend due to healing up from Covid, and I haven't been running very much, so my legs were pretty heavy and tired on the trek back, but I'm happy to be back out in the forest, running on challenging terrain.

I carried all nutrition and hydration on my person~ I consumed about 1/2 liter of water, a Cliffshot gel, some beef jerky, and a granola bar.