FKT: Brenda Fortin - Tully Trail (MA) - 2020-08-30

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
3h 54m 10s

I ran solo for the entirety of the run and carried all food and water (2L) that I consumed. As lightweight fuel replenishment, I carried and consumed homemade beef jerky (habanero-lime) and dehydrated fruit (kiwi and pineapple), in addition to Tailwind electrolytes, salt tabs, and Spring Energy Gels. There were a number of fresh water streams available, thanks to the previous day's heavy rainfall, but in the heat of summer, they are not as reliable. However, there is a lake at the beginning and waterfalls towards the end. I did run out of water by mile 18 or so, but I do carry a water filter as a backup, though I did not utilize it this time around because the weather was quite lovely (despite a bit of gusty winds on the roads sections).

This was my third attempt at this FKT and the first time I didn't completely zone out and miss the connecting trail heads, resulting in having to backtrack (wahoo!). I felt rested and strong and was able to attack the hills, trails, and roads with more confidence and pure bliss than ever before. Love this FKT!