FKT: Brendan Codrington - Centenary Trail (Canberra, Australia) - 2019-12-02

Route variation
Standard route
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Finish date
Total time
23h 14m 17s

23h14m17s was the total time taken to navigate the entire course on foot, including any extras to off-track toilets or support points. Started the course at the Mulligans Flat car park in Forde and done in an anti-clockwise direction back to the same point. Run was recorded in one session with no pauses at rest stops etc - excluding an accidental pause when the button was bumped (restarted straight away).

Started at 4pm, had various supporting runners for first 60km, solo overnight from ~11pm-9am (~59-109km), accompanied 109-117km, solo 117-131km, accompanied 131km to finish. Support @ 109km and 129km was additional food and drink, change of shoes.

Why: part of a team challenge running virtually from Broken Hill to Sydney, raise awareness and help remove any stigma around domestic violence and abuse.

Who: so much support. Liesl (supporting my craziness and chasing me around on Monday!), Mark (x2), Shaun, Paul, Mim, Matt, Scott C, Stevo, Tim, Pete Daffern, Pete Jordan, Nei-Kiewa, Sal and Bec who ran different sections with me or threw their support behind this in other ways.

What: Nice and cruisy first section to Hall through to Black Mountain. I knew I had to conserve energy so kept it all at really easy effort and stuck in some walk breaks (wasn’t doing this for a time goal). Rain and wind hit on Kambah Pool Road, reached the pool at 74km (~2am?) and the delirium was starting to set in. Struggled getting any food in for a bit too. Lovely track usually but not in those circumstances 😂. Have never been so happy to see Tuggeranong, a phrase I’d never thought I’d think, say or write. Noted the single available taxi on Anketell St and how easy it would be to call it there and then.

Had a 10min powernap on a bench by the lake instead in the wind and rain. Not 5 stars. (Would have more powernaps and would fall asleep when squatting to relieve legs.) Pushed on. Legs and feet really hated me now, would have looked like a grandpa trying to dance when I ran-shuffled. Terrible grey sunrise, I’d come all this way for no bedazzle.

Morning weather kept changing - sideways rain, then sun, repeat. Had a good rest at parli house with change of shoes, hot noodles, coffee, and somewhere to lay my head softer than a mound of dirt. Section with Pete D from parli to war memorial was best I’d felt for a long time. Didn’t do the optional extra Ainslie and Majura climbs because I’m not a masochist.

More 5 star sleeping arrangements at the highway rest area, then the last section where I could jog parts but found myself just willing each step forward and keeping half an eye open to see where I was.

Finishing was surreal - thanks to everyone who were there or wished they could be if not for work or other responsibilities. Again, that so many jumped in and helped out is truly humbling. What a great running community we have.