FKT: Brent Herring - Atlantic & Pacific Peaks Loop (CO) - 2020-10-11

Route variation
Standard loop
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Finish date
Total time
2h 14m 48s
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I never understood these peak names. They're adjacent north to south and the continental divide doesn't run through their saddle. All the same, I'd wanted to run these from the west for some time. But picked a crap day for it. Gusts around 40mph. Wind chill around 10F. Constantly battling to stay upright. Blew off my favorite hat high on Pac’s west ridge (blue, canyon de chelly, please return if found). Wasn’t impressed by the willow crossing or the talus coming off Atlantic. Enjoyable alpine route otherwise. Came in just ahead of whiteout conditions on Atlantic’s ridge by about 5 mins. Winter is coming. ? ❄️ ?

Start time: 0850

Pacific summit: 1000

Atlantic summit: 1022

Finish at Mayflower Gulch TH: 1104