FKT: Brett Davis - Guadalupe Ridge Trail (TX, NM) - 2021-04-27

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1d 8h 58m 7s
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Guadalupe Ridge Trail Report

Total Elapsed Time: 32:58


Hiked North to South

Start: Sunday, April 25, 2021at 6:32PM (Mountain Time).

Finish: Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 4:30AM (Central Time).

I started the Guadalupe Ridge Trail at the eastern boundary of Carlsbad Caverns National Park at Whites City, New Mexico.  My friend dropped me off at the northern terminus of the trail at 6:32 PM on Sunday, 4/25/2021.  I made it to the Carlsbad Caverns Visitor center as the sun was setting.  I hiked through the night making it to the western boundary of Carlsbad Caverns National Park at Mile 21 and entering into the Lincoln National Forest at about 3:00AM on Monday, 4/26/21.  I didn’t see much as I night hiked and the sun finally came up around 7:00AM as I was close to the 26 mile mark at T222 Junction.  I hiked throughout the morning through the Lincoln National Forest and made it to the NM/TX state line (Mile 41) early afternoon.  I descended into McKittrick Canyon and refilled my water supply at the water faucet outside the Visitors center.  I then hiked through McKittrick Canyon and out of the canyon as the sun started to set on me as I turned onto the Tejas Trail at mile 56.  I completed the Guadalupe Ridge Trail, southern terminus, when I summited Guadalupe Peak at the at 4:30AM on Tuesday, 4/27/21.  Total time was 32 Hours, 58 minutes, the time changed from Mountain Time to Central Time when I hit the Texas border.  I then hiked back down to the Pine Springs Visitor Center where my friend waited to pick me up.