FKT: Brian Corgard - Superior Hiking Trail (MN) - 2020-09-19

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7d 9h 15m 0s

Starting September 17th at 10:50 am I hiked from the 270 overlook/northern terminus to the Wisconsin border's southern terminus. I travelled unsupported carrying all of my own gear and food from start to finish and filtering water from lakes and streams along the way. The timing of my trip was perfect for fall colors and I had great daytime hiking conditions and temperatures and overnight temps were cold by at least on the edge of what I was prepared for (I should have been prepared for a little bit colder but I got lucky and only shivered my way through 2 nights). This is a tough trail and this trip was intense, I'm excited to be on the spectating/dot watching side of this FKT now, good luck to whomever comes next.