FKT: Brian Turner - Foothills Trail (NC, SC) - 2006-05-28

Route variation
one way
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22h 40m 0s

Brian Turner hiked unsupported in 22h40m on May 27-28, 2006.
His brief report, including split times, is copied below (from

I decided to hike from Table Rock to Oconee in order to hit the tougher climbs first and cruise the last half of the trail. Sherpa dropped me off at Table Rock State Park, where I would begin the trail. He then drove over to Oconee, where he would camp for the night and wait for me to finish the trail.

My pack weight was somewhere around 23-24 pounds for this trip. The weather was awesome, cool temperatures and clear skies. I had decided to log my times throughout each section. I used the FTC Guide To The Foothills Trail for determing the beginning and end of each section. In lieu of mundane details of this trip, I will instead list each section and time it took to complete each one.

I started the trail at 9:00AM on Saturday and finished at 7:40AM on Sunday.

Trail completed in 22 hours 40 minutes. -- Brian Turner


A1 – A2 8.8 miles 2h26m
A2 – A3 2.7 miles 0h46m
A3 – A4 2.1 miles 0h42m
A4 – A5 8.1 miles 2h24m
A5 – A6 5.8 miles 1h47m
A6 – A7 16.4 miles 4h56m
A7 – A8 2.3 miles 0h40m
A8 – A9 5.5 miles 1h43m
A9 – A10 3.3 miles 1h01m
A10 – A11 3.9 miles 1h12m
A11 – A12 10.4 miles 2h54m
A12 – A13   1.4 miles 0h30m*
A13 – A14 4.6 miles 1h39m

*Time appears as 4h30m in Turner's entry.