FKT: Brian Wandzilak - Oak Creek Trail (NE) - 2021-10-10

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1h 25m 20s

Ohh man, some days are just work.  Marathon training plan called for 26 with some pace stuff near the end.  Been meaning to do this trail for a long time, it is 26 miles round trip.  

Did the out from Valparaiso and it was UGLY.  Nothing was clicking.  Almost bagged it in Loma (about 6 miles in).  Kept plugging to the turn-around.  

This is where the FKT starts.  Tailwind, net downhill, and got whatever was bugging me out of my system.  Started clicking off miles and nailed it.

Fueling was two soft flasks, some PB cups, some hazelnut cookies, apples sauce, and a hydrogel.  Probably didn't even need all of that but still trying to work on getting calories.