FKT: Bridget Wittke - Tolt Pipeline Trail: Woodinville - Snoqualmie Valley (WA) - 2022-01-22

Route variation
Out and back
Gender category
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Total time
2h 5m 55s
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FINALLY ran this route that I'd submitted to FKT like a year ago haha! Tolt Pipeline is never an easy route to run, but I felt so much fitter and faster running it this time than I did the last time I ran it (in December 2020). For starters, I finally ran the entire trail out and back WITHOUT STOPPING (except when I had to for a couple of crosswalks). The last time I ran it I stopped no fewer than 10 times because I was so out of breath from running up all the hills. Also PR'd on every single Strava segment from the route and beat my previous elapsed time by about 25 minutes! I suppose I'm starting to get the hang of trail running..... :)