FKT: Brittany Haver - Deschutes River Railbed Trail (OR) - 2024-05-03

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
8h 40m 31s

I chased the One-Way time and then had to turn around and return to the car the way I came, resulting in this first known time for the female out-and-back :)

The return trip "back" was a really ugly and brutal slog for me, as I had really used up everything I had going for the One-way.  Slow moving, lots of walk breaks, and I also added on about a mile doubling back to try to look for my headphones that bounced out of my pack somewhere.  It was also of course a lot warmer since the sun was up and it's fully exposed. All that to say, this is a very beatable time for a female who sets out steady for just the out-and-back!  This time of year was lovely and starting early is the way to go!  There were a couple springs running across the path for filling flasks, but sounds like those are not reliable sources all the time so plan accordingly.