FKT: Brittany Tonks - Avenue of the Giants (CA) - 2023-01-01

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 10m 50s

I train on sections of this road so I was really excited to run it end to end! The weather aligned with my plan to make it a New Years day run with this being the only clear day in between rain storms. The scenery is beautiful the entire route, and the river looked so full and amazing after all the recent rain. Somewhere around mile 17-18 while I was in the trees I got a "drop, cover, hold on" earthquake notification on my phone. I didn't feel or see any shaking, and I didn't have reception to look up what was going on so that was really unsettling. After I finished I learned that it was a 5.4 earthquake with the epicenter 7 miles north of where I was at the time, and I saw a bunch of branches down in the road toward the end, so I guess it's good I didn't start any earlier than I did!