FKT: Cabel McCandless - Sierra Vista Trail (NM) - 2022-09-17

Route variation
one way
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 0m 52s

Started at the SVT trailhead off Dripping Springs in the morning (6:50am?). Little later than I would have liked but it was fine. Had my vest with 3 waters, carried a bottle with Gatorade, and then had gels and a cliff bar on me for carbs. I would say the first 13-14 miles were pretty uneventful- even pushed a little at mile 14 just because. I had ran this route before when doing the SVT 100k, but still pulled my phone out every now and then to verify I was on the correct path. A lot of it came back to me as I was doing it. Rolling sandy hills especially. It was really all fine until the Webb Gap, had to triple check the map because a trailhead was down and some minor bushwacking was needed. Then the latter 4 miles I was pretty dry on liquids besides a few sips of Gatorade. Surprisingly toasty at the end. Could most likely do it faster with more liquids and better pacing, but overall happy with the effort. Full moving time was right around 4 hours, I think Strava had me a touch faster since I scrambled a little trying to find the trailhead by Webb. Besides that, lots of fun and more people should give it a shot; pretty easy as long as someone can pick you up in Texas LOL