FKT: Caitlin Roake - Cochise Stronghold Loop (AZ) - 2020-02-29

Route variation
Standard loop
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5h 2m 24s
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I love Cochise for rock climbing, but I'd never done any running here, so I decided to check out this loop that I'd heard about on the mountain biking forums. February is still pretty cool in Arizona; at any other time this loop would be too hot and dry to be any fun. I parked in the climber parking for the Sheepshead area and then ran clockwise on the West Stronghold Road to the Stronghold Divide Trail. The Stronghold divide trail is probably the nicest part of the loop. It's single track and climbs gently up through the big rock formations. When I reached the east side campground I ran up Middlemarch canyon until I hit Middlemarch road, a big dirt road that leads back to the west stronghold. I didn't find much water, a few watering holes for cattle exist, but I left them alone. I was able to make do with the 2L capacity of my running vest and some snacks.