FKT: Caitlyn Hall - Chiricahua National Monument Big Loop (AZ) - 2022-04-16

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2h 38m 6s
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I started at 08:30 from the parking lot for Echo Canyon Trailhead and went counterclockwise. It got a little warm on the major climb, since it's mostly exposed. By the end, the temperature was in the mid-70s (F) I'm happy I started mid-morning. The Echo Canyon trail is amazing, as you weave through rocks and crevices. It's a little scrambly, but was an absolute highlight. The Heart of Rocks loop is a little hard to navigate the start/finish of the loop. When you leave the loop (after going counterclockwise), turn right to get back to the main part of the trail (which takes you to Balancing Rock). There's a sign that points that Inspiration Point is to the left, but then you cut the loop short. I stopped to take a couple of pictures, especially of the "Open Me" box at the end of the Inspiration Point trailhead - which was generously filled with sunscreen. 

I ran by myself, drank just over a liter of water, and ate a banana at the start and two gels during the run.