FKT: Caleb McMurry, Tyler Sadich - Current River Challenge (MO) - 2022-02-18

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2h 39m 40s
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We began our self-supported loop at 12:46 PM from the Round Spring trailhead entrance near Carr's canoe rental.

We hiked for 1 hour, 44 minutes, and 27 seconds total time before reaching the Current River at Current River State Park.

It took us 13 minutes and 2 seconds to inflate our two-personal inflatable raft (Alpacka brand raft with mini-USB pump).  

Once we inflated our raft, we began floating back to Carr's Canoe Rental.  It took 42 minutes and 11 seconds to reach the concrete boat launch ramp where the route ends.  The river was pretty high so we were moving at a good clip.

Trails were in good shape and runnable.  There was a bit of snow the day before but it was only a dusting in spots by the time we began running.  We celebrated after by eating some awesome food at Echo Bluff State park!

This is a super fun route and I recommend it!