FKT: Cameron Charles - Kaleetan Peak (WA) - 2015-06-18

Route variation
up & back
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
3h 33m 43s

Danny Naylor submitted the FKT:

This FKT is submitted based on searching publicly available Strava runs and a (relatively inexperienced, in my admission) search of popular climbers' websites. Cameron Charles's 3:33:43 car-to-car time is the fastest time I was able to find. Based on gps data, I infer rough approximations of 1:41 car-to-summit, 8 minutes at summit, and 1:44 summit-to-car. Although this effort's approximate 1:41 car-to-summit ascent is the second-fastest ascent I found, behind Uli Steidl's 1:24:47, the latter had no posted record or track of the descent.

I submit this FKT as "unsupported" as I don't believe anybody would reasonably arrange for or seek out aid on this route. My only caveat is that I have no knowledge of whether this run was completed solo or with a group (no accompanying athletes posted to Strava).