FKT: Cameron Yeaman - Roxborough Full Tour (CO) - 2021-09-14

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 49m 55s
GPS track(s)

Previous FKT holder track and GPX listed on page were a bit different. He did CCW loop on Fountain Valley so I went that way, but it seems the GPX track goes the other way. This confusion cost me about 2 minutes at the top of the second overlook as I was trying to decide on which way to turn at the split. The GPX track also goes up the road at the end instead of taking the trail that parallels the road. Not a huge difference, but it'd be awesome to get those two things squared away. Other than that, things felt hot and difficult today and this could probably go much lower. I guess I'll have to come back.