FKT: Canyon Woodward - Art Loeb Trail (NC) - 2022-07-01

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5h 38m 31s

Got up at 4:30 to get driven to trailhead by Reilly. Started around 6:38, running unsupported. Really lucked out on weather mostly overcast and not quite as hot as it's been , it was such a gorgeous route some amazing balds high up with epic views of the mountains in all directions, very technical and at times super narrow and/or bushwhacky trail, the big challenge last 8 miles was just staying on my feet on the descent.. I rolled my ankles and fell a LOT like probably half a dozen times 😅none bad. Felt fit and pretty good putting in a measured hard effort throughout, taking climbs a bit easy to fly on the downs and flats. Just one wrong turn corrected within a minute or so. Gave it allll I had on awfully rocky final ~2-3 miles of descent knowing there was mayyybe a shot at the supported mark too but not sure how much further I had (my watch came in at about .6 miles long). Nearly crushed some backpackers in the final 100 meters or so sorry! Snuck in less than a minute under the supported time! Absolutely awesome experience. Nutrition notes: 2 frozen waffles for breakfast and coffee; drank my two full soft flasks with filter top of water in first 8 miles, refilled them plus a third one with cola tailwind which got me to mile 21/22, filled one more for last 8-9 miles knowing I'd cross more streams but ending up not stopping again. Hit hydration and fuel hard from get go, more than 300 cal/hr mostly spring gels first several hours til mile ~18 prolly and then felt hint of stomach being overloaded and backed off only taking a cliff shot and a canaberry the final 10 miles I think which I reckon was enough barely only cause I banked so much early and had big climbs behind me + a lot of descent from there. Ended w an enthusiastic greeting from Reilly, a cold coke and a cold river dip.