FKT: Carina Mackinger - Bolsterlangerhorn (Germany) - 2022-10-28

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43m 20s
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It took me 2 attempts to finish this short FKT ;) 

In the morning I tried the route from the attached gpx track which is in pathless terrain for the last kilometer through a very steep forrest. I had my dog with me and we made it almost to the top, but the last 100m there are some boulders you need to climb which was impossible for my dog. Since I decided we either finish both or noone I tried again with the easy way on the road in the evening.

It is very steep and almost the entire time on asphalt, so also not really beautiful to run (in fact, I think I never run up a mountain on an asphalt road for so long). But I made it just before the sun went down, so it still was a nice moment on the summit.