FKT: Carina Mackinger - Garmisch - Kochel via 8 summits (Germany) - 2023-09-18

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11h 36m 10s
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I had been planning the project all summer and spontaneously started it at night after the weather forecast wasn't great with expected thunderstorms. I've never run alone at night in technical terrain, so was trying to be careful. It worked somewhat, I only fell down once in the first 500m which left a bloody arm 🙄
Otherwise it wasn't my day - or night today. After 20 km I had both stomach problems and knee pain (where did that suddenly come from???). My knees gave me a lot of fun for the rest of the run 😩
Then, of course, it's obligatory to get lost X times and go up the Heimgarten uphill with motivation at 0. The grade was fun again, but the eternally long forest road downhill that I usually love was hell on the knee. The watch wasn't in the mood either, so now there's just the good old Komoot Track 🙄.
But at some point I arrived at a snail's pace and got some vegan brownies to-go from the organic supermarket before the train left 🙌