FKT: Carissa Liebowitz - Silver Comet Trail (GA) - 2021-02-14

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9h 47m 18s
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I started at 7:00 a.m. at the Mavell Road Trailhead. Conditions were overcast, foggy, and chilly, but no rain. I needed a headlamp for about 2 miles and then enjoyed nearly perfect conditions for remainder of the route - 40s and overcast. I had a bike pacer, Aaron Bloom, the entire time with me for safety, water, and aid if needed. I also had crew to meet me at miles 8.6, 14.7, 22.2, 33.5, 38.7, 45.8, 51.4, 53.4, and at the state line, 61.5. My below pacers assisted with crewing along with Cassy Campanella and the Sullivan's kids. 

My first pacer, Scott Bader, met me around mile 12 and ran about 2.5 miles with me - he wasn't planned and ended up surprising me for a couple of early miles. I then picked up Eli Dickerson and David Sullivan at mile 22.2 and they ran with me until mile 45.8. Katherine Vaux and Jared Campbell ran with me from mile 45.8 to the state line, 61.5.

I was able to resupply with food at my aid stations and topped off with hydration. Because it was cool and I had plenty of aid stations, I was able to run with a handheld the entire time. There were a few standing puddles along the course from previous rain and the later miles had lots of sweetgum balls on the path, but otherwise, no issues along the course itself. Foot and bike traffic were very light for the course given the weather conditions and even lessened throughout the day as we got further from Atlanta. 

I felt good most of the day - no major malfunctions except for a couple of bouts of nausea and leg soreness from the concrete. 


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congrats, good job!  We should do a combo non supported go in April.