FKT: Carlos Goldberg - Israel National Trail (Israel) - 2007-10-05

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12d 13h 37m 0s

I did the Israel National trail in 2007 and was the first one to do it as a solo self sufficient endurance effort, carrying between 10 and 13 kgs on my back, the same style I did in the Mds in Morrocco.Cloth, food and sleeping gear on me. It was done between 23/9/2007 and 5/10/2007 and it took 12 days, 13 hours and 37 minutes. I got an official diploma for it from the INT comittee.At the time it was tought to be 900 kms but in the new gps measure of 2012 (every 20 meters) came out to be 980 kms' alas the diploma is for 900 kms. National media and radio and TV aired the effort. It is also written in the trail's red official guide. [Note that since Carlos' run the trail has been extended to 1015km, with further extensions planned.]