FKT: Caroline Reid - Wicklow Way (Ireland) - 2012-06-26

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
17h 12m 3s

I am really delighted to have finally finished the Wicklow way. Since doing my first Wicklow way ultra it's been in my head and I've never understood why more people have not tried it.

I was a little unlucky yesterday as my quads were stiff from the start from a charity run I did at the weekend (just not used to road running) and I let the nerves get to me so my tummy was a mess for the first half (maybe in the long run this slowed me down and made the second half more manageable?). 

I can honestly say if it wasn't for Vivian O Gorman and my sister Fiona, I wouldn't have made it through Drumgoff. I just can't thank them enough for helping me realise my dream.

To everyone who came out to help along the way, Jeff with his ladder at Marley - no amount of climbing trees in my youth would have helped me scale that wall, Dad for running through scary Marley with me, Brendan Lawlor for cheering me on at Oldbridge, Angus Tyler for running up Mullacor with me and making this section easy with his company to distract me, my good friends Kate and Gwen for taking the time out to help me along the way and Mick Hanney who kept me going for the last 8 miles and to all the people I missed along the way and those who texted and rang - it was amazing to get them messages all relayed to me as I ran along the road sections, it gave me a real boost :)

Busy in work for next few days so will try write up some type of report with times at the weekend.

Running through Wicklow yesterday in such beauty, on a lovely day, meeting lovely people made me realise how grateful I am to have got into the mountain running scene - a special group of people. THANK YOU :)