FKT: Carolyn Mckinney - Ireland's County High Points (Ireland) - 2022-04-12

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2d 21h 25m 19s

Irelands County high point challenge.
I am the only woman to do it. Time to beat is set ladies.

Less than three days.

69hrs 25 mins and 19 seconds...

92 hours with 20 minutes sleep..

2nd fastest team overall to complete this challenge

2222km driving Errigal to Errigal
26 mountains  32 counties
10000m elevation climbed

Could not have achieved this without the fantastic team we had. Brendan's driving and logistics were absolutely spot on.  His driving got us from a to b as quickly and safely as possible. Hot water ready when needed, vehicle turned, warm and ready to go, when we said we were close. Completely on the ball at all times.

1st 24 hours all adrenaline
2nd 24 hours all mental.. digging deep into reserves
Last 21 hours a combination of both.. 

Day one. Set off time 4am.
Covered 5 tops 5 counties

1. County Mayo, Mweelrea, 814m, 4.6k. one hour hike
Weather was nice, clear night,  frost and slight snow on top. 

2. County Galway, benbaun, 729m. 8.8k, 2 hours 37 minutes hike
Got 20 minutes sleep.
Was lovely weather bit of ice only and a lovely sun rise.

3. County Clare, moylussa, 532m. 9.2k. 1hour 47 
Shorts weather yeah lol. Cold but sunny. 

4. County Kerry, Carrauntoohill, 1,039m. 12k. 3 hours 20
Weather was amazing,  

5. County Cork, knockboy, 706m. 4.6k. 1 hour 11
Windy and cold but still daylight at start.

Day two. 12pm start

12 tops, covers 15 counties today

6/7. County, Limerick/and county, tipperary,
Galtymore, 919m. 10.3k. 3hours 37
Cold and extremely windy in darkness on a very cliffy mountain. Thank goodness Ben was with me, great support to each other on a bitter hike.

8. County Waterford, knockmealdown, 794m  7.9k. 2hours 14
Cold and windy on my own as Ben has been ill from the start. Did well doing 6 mountain ill, especially such high ones.

9. County Kilkenny, Brandon Hill, 515m. 6.7 k. One hour
Weather was ok. Was a quick up and down with music as company.

10/11. County Carlow/and county wexford, mount leinster, 795m  5.2k 45 minutes 
Dreadful Weather. Quick up run down to some music.

12. County Wicklow, Lugnaquilla, 925m. 14.1k. 2hours 53
Ben tried to join me but not well. Another windy cold one at the top.
Thanks so much to our friend dervla for coming along with supplies to support us and help get ben feeling better she is a star
Came down lug a moody mare, wind was awful. 

13. County Dublin, kippure, 757m. 7k. 1hour 5
First bit of rain in 36 hours quickly went up and down with music on again.

14. County Kildare, Cupidstown hill, 379m 1k 10 minutes
Both Ben and brendan did this one with me. Weather OK. Such a difficult hike lol 

15/16. County Laois/ and county offaly, arderin, 527m. 1.4k 22minutes
Easy nice weather. Ben and I were up and down quickly

17. County Meath, Carnbane/ slieve naicalliagh 276m 1k 13 minutes
Brendan and ben came along. Weather lovely

18. County Westmeath, Mullaghmeen 258m 4.3k 46minutes
Ben and I climbed. At Night, dry and warm

19. County Longford, cornhill 278m. 1.8k 18minutes
Brendan, ben and I went up. It was cold

20. County Roscommon, Seltann Saggart 412m 2k. 10minutes
All three of us again, just before 12pm freezing cold.

Day 3 start 1.00am start

11 tops covers 12 counties

21/22. County Letrim /and county sligo, Truskmore, Truskmore South East Top. 647m/631m 8.7k one hour 53
Worst weather so far. On my own 2 hours dark heavy rain and strong winds. Took a while to find the south east top 

23/24. County Cavan and /county fermanagh, culliagh 665m. 11.2k. 2hours 43
Another at night, ben and I did this one fast. Windy just

25. County Monaghan , slieve beagh se top 373m 6.8k one hour 39
We took time off again. Weather OK

26. County Armagh, slieve gullion 573m 2.6k 36minutes
My mother, father, sister, nephew and my son jai came to see us at my local high point, the two boys ran up and down with us in 32 minutes. Real good energy boost

27. County Louth, slieve foye 589m  4.4k. One hour 9
Great friend Craig came to accompany me up this, moral support as ben wasn't well , took off 50 minutes.

28. County Down, slieve donard 850m 8.8k. 2 hours 45
Again friend craig joined me, thankfully as i knew this one would be difficult a one,  slowed me a good bit, hard ground and rocks fatigued my legs. So glad I wasn't doing it alone. Wasn't moving to fast. Still took 15 minutes off schedule. 

29. County Antrim, trostan 550m. 4.8k. One hour 10
So easy, ben and I flew up . Nice weather.

30 /31 County tyrone/ and derry, sawell 678m. 4.3k. One hour 6
We flew up again in darkness. Took a hour off time.

32 County donegal errigal 751m. 2 2k. One hour
Very windy and cold didn't hang around. Middle of the night.

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