FKT: Carrie Espasandin - Press Traverse (WA) - 2019-07-26

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
12h 29m 22s

I ran this trail from south to north solo and unsupported. I met a couple of trail crews and waved at a couple of backpackers but received no aid along the trail. I carried all food and supplies, minus water which was filtered from stream and river crossings. 
I had a lot of trouble uploading pictures to FKT this time. I was using the same iPhone and MacBook as my submission last year but the photos are all in .jpeg format and converting them to .jpg or .png format seemed to remove the metadata on date/time the photo was taken. I'm not really sure how to get around this. I uploaded one of my converted photos from the start of my run just in case it actually shows the information you need and I can submit others if it works! I put a bunch of photos on my trail report writeup on Blogger but I know those don't have the data you need for verification. Sorry I'm not more tech savvy! 

Trip report: