FKT: Chantal Demers - Bruce Trail, Dufferin Hi-Land Section - 2023-06-17

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7h 28m 38s
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This is one of the shorter sections of the Bruce Trail. Unfortunately I had to take some time after the last Bruce Section (Caledon on May 6) due to a calf strain. Today was all about managing this while keeping the goal of the entire project in mind! It surely wasn't the fastest run I've done, but I have to remain smart in hopes to achieve all 9 sections unsupported in 2023. 

This section had a lot of grassy fields but I used caution when striking my feet down. It was hot as well. I used the many water crossings to cool off and fill up my BeFree along the way. 

I may of lost some fitness over the last 6 weeks, but hoping this is the beginning of a rebuild. 4 more sections to go. 

Project 9: I've always wanted to do the Bruce Trail again, since my supported effort in 2017. Unfortunately, at this time, circumstances will not allow this to occur. This is the absolute best next thing. My goal is to earn unsupported FKTs on all 9 Bruce Trail sections in 2023. Distances range from 50km-106 miles. It won't be easy, but I'm super motivated to give it my all!! 

section 1: Niagara (79km) ✅
section 2: Iroquoia (114km) ✅ 
section 3: Toronto (50km) ✅ 
section 4: Caledon (70km) ✅

section 5: Dufferin (54km) ✅

Working on the video for this E2E - technical issues didn't allow me to have it ready in time for this submission. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel to watch.

As always, I'm incredibly thankful for Jamieson! He is always willing to drop me off at the start and pick me off at the end, no questions ask. Thank you my love ❤️.