FKT: Charles Cai - Brooklyn Perimeter - 2023-12-16

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6h 55m 53s
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Wasn’t planning to go for it originally but felt good through mile 26 and was well under pace. Beautiful day with temps starting in the 40s before climbing to the low 50s by mid day. Will and I were going to do the route together but dehydration got to him at mile 35 so I ran the last 12 solo. Technically a supported effort since he didn't complete the route and we had a friend join for 7 miles at the beginning, but otherwise was self-supported from a fuel and hydration perspective. Started with 1.5L and 2500 calories and stopped at a convenience store at mile 26 for 5 min to grab another 1.5L. This was both harder and easier than I thought it was gonna be. Effort wise was all Z1/Z2 and never hit a major wall but legs started to get a bit heavy just before mile 30. Happy to get this done and still feel relatively strong at the end