FKT: Charlie Bergström - Hovdalaleden (Sweden) - 2020-08-05

Gender category
Route variation
Standard double loop
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 47m 16s

I was a bit tired after a 100 k race only 3 days ago but when I got on the train to Hässleholm, the exciting feeling came up. Why not try to run through the whole Hovdalaleden?? It had great rumours without being to hard, therefore my ambition was to keep a great pace as good it was possible. Many of the trail was quiet technical and a bit back and forth, especially around Hovdala castle where it was hard to find the right path for a while. In the end I had a lot of energy and ran the last km in respectable pace 4 minute 59 seconds. Now some hours later I am very proud and excited to keep the record for a long time hopefully.