FKT: Charlie Watson - Niagara River, U.S. Side (NY) - 2021-01-08

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6h 41m 17s

FKT attempt #2 was much better.  (Attempt #1 was a disaster.DNF)

I had planned to run saturday but the Bills playoffs, duh.   At one point this week the weather was forecasted to reach the 30s with some sun.  Zero sun and the temp was 26.  Amanda said windchills in the teens.  I believe it.  

Things were great until the gorge trails around mile 30.  Icy and it all just trashed me.  I needed to bring one more fruit squeezey thing to eat and maybe one more 5 hour energy.  Blocks and clifbar didnt work.

At one point around mile 20 I thought I was going to PR a marathon split ~3:30.  Bad math.  Haha.  

Up until the trails I thought I could match the supported FKT time too (6:23).  

Feet hurt now.  Go Bills!!!