FKT: Charlotte Winkler - Devil's Path (NY) - 2020-09-07

Route variation
one way
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Total time
5h 33m 51s
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Started as soon as it was light enough (6:17ish), perfect breezy late summer/early fall day!  Not humid, not too hot, not too cold!  Very wet trails.  only passed abou 5-7 groups the whole 23 miles!  Most of the springs/streams were full and the spigot at the road crossing was on so I never ran out of water.  Took a bad fall going down towards road at mile 11, took downhills a bit easier after that since I couldn't catch myself with my wrist anymore (I think it is just jammed).  Beautiful day and hard route.  Footing is so variable - rocks, roots, scree, and soft pine!  The views seemed like they would be great but I did not stop to look, will have to go back!

Can definitely be done faster - I took some of the flats at a walk when tired and didn't go as hard as I could have up Sugarloaf.  Really happy with my time though and hope it gets more fast women out doing this awesome challenging route!!!