FKT: Cherie Bilbie, Jillian Ellefson, Kelly Catlin, Mira Skuka - Nipmuck Trail (CT) - 2020-06-20

Route variation
West Branch
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
11h 0m 31s

Started at the Northern terminus.  We were dropped off at the end of Carion Rd and hiked in 2 miles from Breakneck Rd. to the East Ridge trail.  It was hot to start with and we just got hotter and sweatier throughout the day - webs, bugs, rocks and roots.  Aid station life savers were key - Erika and Aimee met us at Boston Hollow  with cold apple sauce and ice pops, then shared a few miles; Jillian's sister, Jennifer, met us at Iron Mine Ln. with awesome aid; Colleen and Jake met us at Perry Hill Rd. with ice cold watermelon and coke, then Colleen ran the last 16 miles with us; Jennifer met us again at Rt. 44/Old Springfield Rd with our final aid. CT has an amazing trail community.  It was terribly hot, even though we were in the direct sun very little.  The trail was very dry, even the Fenton River was low and lightly flowing.  We did miss one turn off of Spring Hill Rd and had to backtrack to find the trail entrance off the road.  Overall, a serious sweaty slog (hot garbage).