FKT: Chern Ng, Shermayne Chan - Bondi to Manly Walk (NSW, Australia) - 2019-12-14

Route variation
Standard Point-Point
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Finish date
Total time
11h 47m 37s
GPS track(s)

Being a local Sydneysider, we have been seeing signs of the Bondi-Manly walk popping up during our mid week runs all around Sydney. There was also some talk about it on running groups as it was only officially declared open on the 8th of December.

Surely, someone will have to do the full 80km attempt for an FKT on such an iconic route. Why not us?

We had a few days to prep for the run. While parts of the route were familiar, it was tricky to stay true to the recommended route on the official website as it included detours/out and backs. The day before the run, we split the official map file into 8 sections to fit onto our watches. We also decided to do it self supported as there were plenty of food and water stops along the way.

We started at 4.20am Saturday hoping to beat the heat and the haze. We got to South Head (around 10km) just before sunrise. Overlooking it was North Head in the distance, which is almost the end point. It was going to be a long day out.

After going past the opera house around 30km, we picked up some McMuffins and Coke for breakfast. We didn’t stop for food again until we got to Balmoral beach (~~ 60km). Hot chips and ginger beer was the food of choice there.

The last 10km felt like a bit of a drain, as the finish line was almost within sight, but the route would take us out and back around the North Head.

It was tricky linking the route up as there were no signs at some crucial turning points. There was a fair bit of back tracking and a couple of detours as some parts were inaccessible due to construction.

Although frustrating at times with route finding, detours, out and backs, the route took us to places we wouldn't normally go. We've discovered new tracks in our local area. Sydney, once again you've impressed me.