FKT: Chin Yong - Leeds Country Way (United Kingdom) - 2021-05-07

Route variation
Standard loop
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Finish date
Total time
10h 41m 18s

Ran the leeds country way in a fkt attempt. it went well considering i only made a few navigational errors. the weather forecast predicted rain and hail in the mid day but thankfully it was very light. I finished an audiobook on the art of running by Shane benzies while I was at it. 

as this was a self supported run, I ran solo throughout. I did turn active tracking on but wasn't sure if anyone would be paying attention to my tracking link since this was a weekday antic. My wife had a lecture to attend and is pretty used to these silly runs by now too. to my surprise, my running club members greeted me at the end. I wasn't expecting that. very pleasant indeed as I'm used to running solo and only joined a club during the lockdown period recently. 

for supplies, I decided to cache my drops every 10km... just a bottle of water and an energy mix. I was afraid someone might discard them as this route is not very remote. thus, I only stashed them the day before the run and even then hid them behind stone walls or under bushes. The good thing about the route not being very remote from civilisation is that there are plenty of public bins, so I didn't even need to run with my empty bottles. I used 9 bottles x500ml, 8 powered energy sachets from mountainfuel and 2 energy bars, a kinder Bueno and a small pack of pitted olives in total. 



Great effort, and many congratulations on the new best time! Really impressed with your dedication to plant caches the day before. I went round in April - also solo self-supported - but just by going into shops/cafes, so interested to see your different approach.