FKT: Chris Calimano - All of Broadway (NY) - 2024-02-09

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All of Broadway
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3h 59m 29s
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After confirming that no one had yet attempted the All of Broadway (NY) route, I decided to go for it, aiming to set a Fastest Known Time (FKT). I started near 701 N Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10591, opting to run through the night to avoid traffic and crowds. Equipped with a Coros Vertix 2 watch and a Salomon S/LAB PULSAR vest, I had Gatorade and SaltStick FastChews for fuel. The weather was ideal, in the mid-30s Fahrenheit with light wind. Despite some lower-Manhattan traffic causing minor delays, I managed to finish under 4 hours, with my fastest two miles at the end. I even extended the route to the official start of Broadway at State Street. Thanks to Rick Andrew for submitting this exciting FKT opportunity!