FKT: Chris Deming - Sunny Valley Trail (CT) - 2021-01-22

Route variation
out & back
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Total time
1h 36m 23s
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The trail conditions were good. 
The downed trees from this Summer's big storm have been cleared. 
(Thank you, Connecticut Forest & Park Association!)

It was about 38 degrees F, with some wind.
Remember to follow the blue blazes for this trail!
I started at the Bridgewater Town Park (Northern trailhead).
I reached Hemlock Rd at just under 1 mile and turned right and followed 
this road for 0.3 - 0.4 mile until the Blue-blazed trail continued on 
the left side, just before a gate at the end of the road. (Beware of other trails 
(not blue-blazed) to the left side of the road before you reach the 
blue-blazed trail.) 

I reached the Southern trailhead at Iron Ore Hill Road (2nd occurrence, after crossing 
the same road prior to the last section)
There is a lot of logging activity near the Southern end of the trail, so 
there were some big tractor ruts that had to be navigated.

I did not carry any food or water.  My splits turned out to be very even!

North to South:  0:48:11
South to North:  0:48:12
out and back:    1:36:23