FKT: Chris Madrid - Cerro Manchòn - 2023-12-20

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3h 31m 42s
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A mountain of approximately 3,720 meters in one of the most beautiful and threatened valleys of the capital of Chile.

I chose the route through the Yerba Loca Nature Sanctuary because it is a route that is not done much and for me it would have a special meaning to give it a try there. I had done this mountain previously in a good time, however I had not been satisfied, so I wanted to give it another try, managing to set a time of 3 hours 31 minutes up and down, and alone as I usually do.

I considered it appropriate to press the Start button right at the first information sign indicating the route in the parking lot of the Yerba Loca Sanctuary. 
It is not a technical mountain, however the route runs almost entirely on a ridge above 3,000 meters so you will be exposed to strong winds in a rocky terrain.