FKT: Chris Price, Eric Wickland - Backbone Trail (CA) - 2011-12-10

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
12h 47m 17s

Chris Price and myself (Eric Wickland) completed the Backbone Trail in 12:47. Jay Smithburger aka Ringo ran roughly 50 miles with us but pulled the plug due to stomach issues. The direction was La Jolla to Will Rogers with a passage through Split Rock and a summit of Sandstone Peak.

Props to Jayme Burtis, the ninja photographer, for crewing us all day and taking 1000 pictures! Also a special thanks to Howard Cohen and Keith Yanov for infusing us with fresh energy midday and running a couple sections with us.

Weather was ideal - lows in the mid 40s, highs in the mid 60s. We were blessed by a rare lunar eclipse to start our journey off on the right foot.

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Chris Price added:

12-10-11, Eric Wickland and I held it down for the Wolfpack, setting the new FKT at 12:47. We ran with Jay Smithberger for the first 50 miles and were lucky enough to have Jayme Burtis crew for us the whole day and take some gorgeous photos.

Little write up/photos:


Howard Cohen added splits:

Kudos to the BBT runners Eric and Chris and their new record.
For those going West to East, I thought these splits would be helpful that I took fro the GPS tracks posted by Chris Price.

Junction elapsed time
Start Ray Miller Trailhead 0
Ray Miller and Overlook 0:29:53
Overlook Wood Canyon Vista 0:48:55
Wood Canyon Vista and Sycamore Canyon 1:02:44
Sycamore Canyon and Danielson Ranch 1:16:07
Blue Canyon and Chamberlain Trail 1:44:23
Chamberlain Trail and Chamberlain Rock 2:03:15
Chamberlain Trail and Misha Mokwa 2:27:56
Sandstone Peak Summit 2:43:46
Misha Mokwa TH 3:02:24
BBT and Yerba Buena 3:49:53
BBT and Mulholland Hwy 4:28:23
BBT and Encinal Cyn Rd 4:37:39
BBT and Kanan Road 5:37:30
BBT and Coral Canyon 6:59:35
BBT and Malibu Canyon 7:51:45
Stunt Road at Lois Ewen Overlook at Schuren Rd 9:36:17
Topanga Canyon Blvd Crossing 10:29:36
The Hub 11:38:23
Will Rogers State Park at the BBT sign 12:47:15

Best of luck to the new folks who try to break this record..