FKT: Chris Zair - Barcelona Montserrat GR6 (Spain) - 2023-12-02

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5h 20m 34s
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A perfect crisp morning for running today, kicking things off in Horta after getting the metro up from home. A steady start, run hiking the first climb over Collserola, then opening the legs up for the runnable descent down to San Cugat. The next section is pretty road-y, which is good for an FKT I guess as you can get some consistent running, but it wears the legs down. It was hit and miss with water fountains, with some out of action due to the droughts we're seeing, but managed to fill up in San Cugat and then in Les Fonts (you'd hope there's be water fountains there!). The trail section between San Cugat was enjoyable, runnable climbs then rolling descent on easy trails. The route was easy to follow on GPS except one section where they're building the new motorway and they have essentially built it on top of the GR6. It's still not in use, so you can climb over the barrier and run across the lanes then climb up through the construction site, but it will ruin the route unless they put a bridge there or something. I felt a bit of a lull going towards Olesa, legs definitely feeling the 44k+ so far, but managed to push on and keep some consistent pace up before the climb. The climb destroyed me, luckily I'd been averaging around 25s/km under the required pace up to km 49, as the climb up to Montserrat is brutal, kicking up 225+ in the first KM, which I did in 15:42, so ate into a lot of the cushion I'd built! The next KM is a little more manageable and then there's a runnable section, before a final tough ascent on concrete up to the Monasterio, climbing another 128+ in the last 750 metres.  In the end I managed to squeeze in a few minutes under the previous time, a real struggle after running dry on water for the climb, having not stopped in Olesa. Maybe just as well given how close the time was! Very happy to have packed a few layers to change into at the end, as the downside of a crisp day for running is a really chilly day after you've finished your run. Now back in Barcelona resting the legs, a good day out!