FKT: Christian Malmstrom - Blekingeleden (Sweden) - 2021-06-27

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1d 7h 42m 25s
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When I ran Blekingeleden the first time in 2020 my plan was that this was a once in a lifetime experience and my only goal was to see if it was possible at all. Then Bill öster beat my time by 3,5 hours which made me question how fast this trail can be run. I wanted to give it another try and managed to beat my own time with more than 7 hours :)

Had support meeting me after each section (15 sections in total) but during the night I was self-supported. Had company from other runners about 24 of 31 hours which helped a lot.

Use racetracker for tracking my run live

Around 300 people followed the live reports here:

And we gathered money for two schools in Bolivia, and raised around 25 000 SEK.

Warm but cloudy day 1, nice temp during the night, really warm day 2 except for the last 3 hours where I met a thunderstorm and lot´s of rain!